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ENGECON GROUP company established on 1994. We get in to construction and 

electricity system design.We  Has been build a factory  , food factory, clean Rooms , Electronic in factory and order industrial. With 55 Project and 850 millions baths. For owe  experiences more than 10 years in construction business.          

Cold Storage and Machine Room Expansion

Location : Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Ayuttaya
Name of Client : Ajinomoto FroZen Foods (Thailand) Ltd.
Name of Consulting : Belagro Group
Value of Contact : 17,435,941.91 Baht
Commencement Date : 1 February 2005
Completion Date : 7 November 2005

We fold Thai manufacture standard is below Quality and reliability.

The ploblem of factory structure and factory regulation should be change to inter-nation standard. We decided to start Engecon Special Product.     





Engecon Special Product.

                 Engecon Special Product. focusing on delivered high quality product and high standard industrial product. We import
METZ Product from Australia . METZ are expertise company about industrial flooring and acid proofing in Australia.Over 60 year of METZ experience in business.  
.         Then we import ARGELITH ceramic tile from Germany was founded in 1870, it has been making hard-wearing, industrial-grade tiles in Bad Essen, near the German city of Osnabrück. The installation of a Hoffman kiln provided the foundation for successful ceramic production
       After that we also import the most durability floor hardfloor hardener from KORODUR . The hardest and most wear-resistant industrial floor in the long term is always the best and most economic solution. KORODUR industrial floors fill these high demands. They are the result of controlled and exemplary quality and continuity.
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